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Saturday, 12 November 2016

Like Trump Like Obasanjo

Senator Ben Murray-Bruce shared his view yesterday on the US Election.  According to Ben
Murray-Bruce , in a Facebook post in the early hours of yesterday, compared U.S president-elect
Donald Trump, to Nigeria’s former president Olusegun Obasanjo , saying Trump is a white and

younger version of Obasanjo.

Below is the submission of the senator.
Obasenjo and Trump

Like Trump Like Obasanjo
On the morning of Saturday the 20th of February,
2016, I was having breakfast at Eko Hotel with a
friend of mine, Reno Omokri and one of the top
Democratic Party strategists in the US and an
argument ensued. Omokri said Trump would go all
the way while the American said he was not going
Ben Bruce
    I joined the conversation by saying that Trump is a phenomenon and no one knows how far
he will go.
    Today, I sit here writing this piece pleasantly
stunned that what the mainstream media, what the
establishment and what the powers that be said
could never happen has happened due to this
phenomenal man's belief in himself when others did
not believe in hm.
I have met Donald Trump one on one before and
what I clearly remember about him is that he is a
White and younger version of former President
Olusegun Obasanjo.
The two of them can be brash and outspoken but
they always seem to come out on top by some sort
of divine arrangement that makes whatever they do
turn out for the best even if it began with
More similarities between the duo is that they both
undeniably have an insatiable taste for women and
beautiful ones at that!
Then again, they are both men who have succeeded
in business and, even though they were political
outsiders, they extended their business success to
And even though there is a lot of anxiety in the
Black world and especially Nigeria, I believe that a
Trump Presidency would be better for Africa and
Nigeria than a Hillary administration.
For one, Boko Haram are now afraid. Very afraid!
This is a man that is not afraid to use the word
radical Islamic terror and to declare to all who care
to listen that he will be their nemesis.
Nigeria needs such a partner!
We are spending way too much of our resources on
fighting terrorists. We need a big strong hand to
help us fight them. A hand that will not be afraid to
sell us weapons and will not make us grovel before
it is willing to help us destroy our enemies who
want to destroy us.
But secondly and very importantly, Nigeria is an oil
producing nation and though I believe that it is what
is between the ears of our people that will make
this nation great, we still need foreign exchange and
Hillary's plans for alternative energy was not going
to see the price of oil go up anytime soon.
But Trump won in Texas because the oil industry
knows that they have a friend in him, and any friend
of Texas big oil is a friend of Nigeria.
And forget about all that talk about immigration
reform. Trump will not stop Nigerians from entering
the US. The US needs Nigerians more than
Nigerians need the US.
Without Nigerian healthcare professionals, the US
health industry would collapse overnight. Neither
Trump or Hillary wanted that.
Trump's rhetoric was directed more at Mexican
immigrants because of the immediate threat posed
to the US by illegal immigration from Mexico.
Having said that, let me add that the last similarity
between Trump and former President Obasanjo is
that they both look not very intelligent, but their
looks betray their vast knowledge and deep
wisdom. You meet them and size them up by their
looks and end up underestimating them.
But when they reach into their reptilian brain and
come out with strategies it becomes too late to do
what you should have done.
I am glad that Trump won and I cannot wait to see
how he will change the world positively.
But one thing is clear, any politician who
underestimates the role of social media in the battle
to win the hearts and minds of the people is a
politician that is going the way of the dinosaurs.
Social media and particularly Twitter was the
weapon Trump used to fight the mainstream media.
Social media is the ultimate form of democracy in
that it gives the underdog a vehicle to amplify his or
her voice against a biased media that wants to
suppress it.
Senator Ben Murray-Bruce is the founder of the
Silverbird Entertainment Group and the Senator
Representing Bayelsa East.

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