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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Get Free professional Training on project management and Get certificate - JBN

Get Free professional Training on project management and also Get  Your certificate  after the training

Get Free Training on professional project management, Get  internationally recognized certificate after the Training.

  • The training will make you to stand out of the crowd
  • You can add this certificate to your Bsc and other certificate. 
  • You can work with it. etc

This is a free weekend training on project management by New York University. This training will take place at the prestigious Lagos State University, LASU.

  1. They will ask you who recommended this training for you ? _____JOHN___  (Put JOHN in that place if you want it to be free for you). 

Register for free HERE>>>

put  JOHN  as your referrer for the free Training.


  1. 100 LEVEL, 200 LEVEL, 300 LEVEL, 400 LEVEL, 500 LEVEL, 600 LEVEL TO FINAL YEAR. 

Register for free Now HERE>>>

Don't forget to put JOHN  as your referrer for the free Training.

About the free HCD centre Training
Good Morning Sir/ Ma'am

The Training is free and it will run for  Four weeks (weekend), but you have to pay #500 to their Ambassador here in Nigeria.
You can make the #500 payment at the centre if you tell them that John is the one that refer me to HCD centre.
or you can Call one of their Ambassador, Abel on 08188339067 .
After the free Training, If you want to write their Exam, and also collect their Certificate (Internationally Recognized Certificate), You have to pay for that.

Venue of the Training: Lagos state university, LASU.  Benson Hall (Close to MBA Hall)
Date: July 1
To register for the Free professional Training on project management, click on this Link

To know more about HCD centre, please visit
Tel: +12024605427

for more information Visit /Education
Or call 07032330424.

This is a good news for those looking for an opportunity to develop a professional competence in project management and also earn an internationally recognized certificate. Our partner, *New York University is supporting us so that you can get the training absolutely free. Yes, the training is free*. Project management is one of the leading and most admirable skills  and certification in the world. Just google that and see what you would see. Not until now, *people have paid about N170k for the training. Some students pay as much as #15K the last batch*.

Now you can submit an application and get *the training for free using the link above*....

*Our training combines project management with corporate leadership and lean entrepreneurship*.

The PMP (Project Management Professional) course training is one of the coveted and beneficial program you can ever get. HCD centre, in its capacity, is here to give you the best experience, with its program coming in *3 packages, the PMP course, a basic lean entrepreneurship class and a cooperate leadership class*.

This program would be in *LASU* come *July 1st 2017 and guess what? You can be a part of this without paying*.

Complete the online form (with a #500 reg. fee)  and come learn from the best of professionals, come learn how it works outside there, come build cooperate professional skills and many more.


▪ Open training for all at a conducive and organised venue
▪ A 6 days program, slated for 3 consecutive Saturdays and Sundays

▪ Recognized certification and recommendation letter for applicants who pays for the exams and study materials.

▪ Centralized examination for all applicants from *Lagos state twice in a year (March and September batch*)

▪ Additional *mentorship package for interested applicant with an option of being an Ambassador*

Need more information? *Ask an Ambassador!...John  07032330424*

  I am an ambassador and a beneficial of the great opportunity. Ask me about registrations.....
*(Reg fee 500naira)*

Mobile no. : 07032330424

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